Kingston Flyer – Day 1

Finished working on the front of the main fuselage, done most of the work on the front bumpery part (I’m afraid I have no idea about the names of parts of trains, if you know what they are, please to tell me so I can get it right)


Still needs a cattle pusher on the front and a chain, also need to put on some pipes (And of course the rest of the train…)

WIP Kingston flyer MKII

I’ve decided to redo the model of a kingston flyer I made previously to see how much my modelling prowess has improved. Couple of WIP shots below, I would say it is vastly better than the previous model already and i’ve only just started it!


Front of the trains fuselage,


Detail on the back of the light.

All modelled and rendered in Lightwave 9.6.

Roman Kitchen – WIP

I’ve decided to try and copy a scene of a Roman kitchen from my trusty Classics book “Den antika staden – Livet i det klassika Athen och Rom”

I’m going to post various WIP snapshots up here until it is completed.


No texturing has been applied yet, and the lighting is all wrong, but this is just the main shell of the kitchen area.

Many of the Pots that I have been displaying previously will be used in this shot.