Work in Progress – Modern Townhouse – Day One

Working on a model of a modern townhouse for a project outside of archaeology this time.

After Day one – about 6 hours – the majority of the basis of the model is complete, and three textures have been completed to satisfaction.

Still got a lot of modelling to do, particularly in the windows doors section.

Modelling and texturing is done in Lightwave 9.6, eventually this will be sent to Vue 7.

This model also contains an inside, although at present this is just walls and doorways, eventually I will furnish this as well.

Greek Project

As part of a site visualisation project I am involved with I have created two scenes based on archaeological evidence.

The first scene is of a Greek courtyard.

The second scene is of a Greek corridor within the settlement.

Thanks to Tom Goskar for the help with post work and general confidence boosting on the second one.

All work created in Lightwave 9.6 and rendered in Vue 7 Complete.

Exporting from Lightwave 9.6 to Vue – A guide.

At the request of Mike Ballard, a guide to exporting from Lightwave 9.6 to Vue has been written. This process involves UV mapping and good methods of exporting objects plus a number of problems that may arise during the process and some solutions that I have come accross.

This is NOT a definitive guide how to UV map, but maybe some of the ideas and methods I demonstrate will help.

I will be using a model created by Mike Ballard of a rather nice glass house.

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Cloud Reference Guide – Spectral Model Cumulus

This edition deals with the Cumulus clouds in the Spectral model, although they are not all designed for this model and do not necessarily look so good, I aim to demonstrate that these clouds can be used in different ways. This is aimed as a quick overview of what the clouds look like to reduce time spent rendering.

Each render is done at 800×600 at broadcast quality – the lighting model used is GI – Render times are presented as a basis of how long it took to render ONLY the sky, bear in mind that more complex scenes will take much longer than this to render.

This section will only focus on the Cumulus Clouds in order to keep the length of the page down.
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