Kingston Flyer – End of Day 4

Worked on the runners for the rest of the day, part of this involved first tyring to learn how they work and then model them accordingly


Still needs lots more work on the shape and adding all the small details, but for now i’m happy to have the main shapes present and in the right places.

The wheels are only roughouts at present, better more detailed ones will be done later.

Kingston Flyer – Front Finished

The front view of the kingston flyer is now finished (apart from the texturing) Added the piston type jobs to the side of the train, made the tank front spherical rather than conical as suggested by piz99 of Renderosity forum and added the plate on the front of the cow pusher (the grill at the front)


Also started working on the wheels, lots of pipes and metalwork around them still to come..


More later.

Kingston Flyer – Day 1

Finished working on the front of the main fuselage, done most of the work on the front bumpery part (I’m afraid I have no idea about the names of parts of trains, if you know what they are, please to tell me so I can get it right)


Still needs a cattle pusher on the front and a chain, also need to put on some pipes (And of course the rest of the train…)

WIP Kingston flyer MKII

I’ve decided to redo the model of a kingston flyer I made previously to see how much my modelling prowess has improved. Couple of WIP shots below, I would say it is vastly better than the previous model already and i’ve only just started it!


Front of the trains fuselage,


Detail on the back of the light.

All modelled and rendered in Lightwave 9.6.