Wooden Cart

A wooden handcart to go with the Stonemasons house which was posted yesterday.

Available for sale on Turbosquid and the 3D studio for $20


Another new product for Turbosquid, as part of a forthcoming street furniture pack which I am working on.

Price is $10, the forthcoming pack will offer a discount.

New Product On Renderosity.Com!

Another new product – Greek Pottery Collection Volume 2

The product contains a collection of 3 pots based on archaeological finds from Knossos.

It contains 3 pots in both OBJ and VOB formats.

There will be a number of free release extra skins for this product in the coming weeks.

Poser Friendly, Vue Friendly (7 plus in vob format) and should work in any other 3d app that accepts .OBJ files.

Currently Selling for $5 at Renderosity.com

New Item for Sale at Renderosity

A new item, Roman Amphora Volume One, is now available for sale at Renderosity.com


This is a collection of 6 Roman Amphora based on Dressels categorisations. This Pack contains the first 6 forms each with two different textures, A red terracotta wheelthrown type and a more organic brown style.

These pots are Poser friendly, Vue 7 friendly and should work in any application that can accept .OBJ files or .VOB files.

This collection contains BMP textures and bump maps in 2000×2000 pixel format, 1000×1000 format and JPEG textures and bump maps in 1000×1000 format.

All pots contain two sets of texture maps and bump maps – Terracotta and Organic.

All Images on this page rendered in Poser with basic settings and ambient occlusion turned on.


Currently on an Introductory Offer of 30% off Only at renderosity.