The Kettle

Now that I finally have a bit of time and its raining outside I decided to go through a book I bought about a year ago, “Essential Lightwave v9” by wordware publishing, The third chapter speaks of basic tools, so I decided to model something only using those basic tools. I also wanted to study some of the principles of reflective materials so I decided to model a chrome kettle.

All work done in Lightwave 9.6

Roman Kitchen – WIP

I’ve decided to try and copy a scene of a Roman kitchen from my trusty Classics book “Den antika staden – Livet i det klassika Athen och Rom”

I’m going to post various WIP snapshots up here until it is completed.


No texturing has been applied yet, and the lighting is all wrong, but this is just the main shell of the kitchen area.

Many of the Pots that I have been displaying previously will be used in this shot.