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Exporting from Lightwave 9.6 to Vue – A guide.

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

At the request of Mike Ballard, a guide to exporting from Lightwave 9.6 to Vue has been written. This process involves UV mapping and good methods of exporting objects plus a number of problems that may arise during the process and some solutions that I have come accross.

This is NOT a definitive guide how to UV map, but maybe some of the ideas and methods I demonstrate will help.

I will be using a model created by Mike Ballard of a rather nice glass house.


OBJ export issue with Lightwave – mesh distortion.

Friday, January 1st, 2010

I’m having some issues getting obj and lwo files exported from LW to open again, even in lightwave.

I am creating the objects in Lightwave 9.6 and exporting them as .obj files, these files open successfully in poser and in hexagon

However when I re-open the object in lightwave I get the following.

and in Vue

Ive tried to work around this by exporting it from hexagon as an OBJ but when I try and open them in vue I get the following error message.

In Lightwave the deformations are gone and the model is ok.

I have tried this on my desktop computer and my laptop with the same results both time (trying to see if it was a driver issue/bad install etc etc)

I also have tried this with a LWO file directly from lightwave, the results where different as in it loads into vue, but the uv file is completely wrecked/not read properly.   Initially I thought this was due to it being tripled when it was brought into vue, so I tripled my model in Lightwave and redid the uv maps/colour maps etc but the issue still remains, the image in the link below shows the difference between the two models.

Here is the mesh and a reduced size uv map.

Anyone have any ideas whats going wrong?

(Also posted at newtek forums and renderosity)

A little late, sorry!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

John has been back in touch a while ago and has explained the issues they were having with the following statement,

Hi Richard,

Just to let you know that the dark seams issue has been successfully fixed. However, the bump texturing issue is more problematic so it may have to be adjusted by hand after the import, if we eventually cannot specify this additional setting in the output format.

Best regards.
John Canver

7.4 is about now, and the initial reports seem rather mixed. I have downloaded it but havn’t had time to check it out and test the object export issues.

A response from E-on, finally.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

After pretty much a three working week wait I have received the following,

Posted by: John Canver
On: 2009/04/23 06:45:52

Hi Richard,

The Save As proposed formats are a user interface glitch, only VOB vue file format can be used to save objects, that’s why PZ3, PZZ, or other formats than VOB are invalid. We’ll fix this in future updates, so only the VOB format be proposed, as expected.

Regarding export, what kind of object are you trying to export?
Have you tried raising exported maps resolution, to avoid missing details?
Have you tried switching the generic paramterizer option on and off to see if the result is better with or without it?

Maybe you could attach a file that cannot be properly exported on your side, so we can test it here and see what goes wrong? If you’re ok with that, please put the object and all texture maps into a single zip file, and try to attach it here. If the zip file is too big to attach, give me the zip file size so I can create an upload area for you. Thanks.

Best regards.
John Canver

the answer to these questions is yes and yes, and I’m pretty sure I described what I’m trying to do in the original message, however, I have sent the following .zip file to John in the hope that I can prove that the exporter doesn’t work the way it should. (please note that I have removed the objects from this zip for public access)

Below are is an image that I have created of the toilet object and the flaws that they have.


Hopefully this will be the end of this.


Posted by: Richard Potter
On: 2009/04/23 12:47:21

Dear John,

Thanks for your reply,

I have done some more tests for you and compiled the results in the following zip file which can be found on my site, (in order to save the setting up of a download area).

It is 17mb, the readme file will explain about the images and what the processes I took where.


Rich Potter


Don’t get me wrong, I love vue, I just want it to work.

Vue’s Exporter Module is a dead duck.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

One of the main reasons I bought Vue 7 in December when it first came out, was to make use of the exporter module, a piece of software which allows you to export textured objects with bump and alpha maps. Ideally I was hoping to be able to sell and share some of the models I have been working on. Alas no, the functionality of this module is particularly questionable and it appears that I’m not the only person who is having issues with it either.

I have made a previous complaint to e-on regarding the exporter module to which I was told that it would be fixed in a future update, however 3 updates down the line there is still no sign of a fix.

Recently I decided to try and export to poser and then out as an .obj to see if this would work, knowing that vue was supposed to be able to do this. However, surprise surprise, it didn’t work, upon opening the file in poser the message “The file being read is not a valid Poser file” appears.

I am at a loss as to which area of the exporter module actually works! and at a further loss as to why they are STILL selling this essentially useless piece of software for 150 dollars!

I have asked for my money back, and fully expect to receive it.

Below is the transcript of the complaint I made and the reply I recieved, this has been going on for about 2 weeks now, im begginging to think that I may have been forgotton/ignored, so I shall be ringing them later.


I am having issues with basically all exporting from vue, regardless of the model or level or complexity of texturing and quite frankly, am fed up.

PZZ and PZ3 exports are not readable by the latest build of poser 7 – the error message when trying to import them says “The file being read is not a valid Poser file” – This has also been noted by other people on the renderosity forums and is therefore entirely recreatable. (I have tried re-installing poser 7 to no effect)

Exporting Obj/3ds with materials has improved but still doesnt work well, the color map is more often than not a complete mess and thus useless. Trying to export with a bump map and or an alpha map simply doesnt work, everythign comes out skewed and black. I have tried with a number of different file types and image types, i.e. jpg, tiff, png, 3ds, .obj and on a number of different objects. This does work if I only want to export a primitive created in vue, but I and im sure the majority of users, want to do more than that.

So this leaves me with vob, which I cant send/sell to people who dont use vue. I can understand that this is a complex area of the program, but for a module that costs so much (150 dollars!) it really ought to work on some level.

I must express that there is no one particular scene that I can send you for you to replicate these issues as they can be easily be recreated on your end.

I really think this ought to be fixed quickly or I shall be expecting to be refunded the cost of the exporter module which basically doesnt work.

Thanks for a quick reply.

Rich Potter

Posted by: Richard Potter
On: 2009/04/06 05:08:06

I have installed the latest patch and this still does not improve/solve this issue.

Posted by: Lee Randall
On: 2009/04/07 04:29:58

Hi Richard,

I’m forwarding this to our development group.

Best regards.
Lee Randall

Posted by: Richard Potter
On: 2009/04/17 05:41:10


Is there any news on this? Its been two weeks since I posted this and no updates or anything since it was passed onto the development team.

Since I am losing potential revenue by not being able to export from Vue and sell my models I feel it is appropriate that I am refunded for the Exporter Module, $149 Dollars, which does not work properly and is therefore not fit for its purpose.

Thank you,

Rich Potter

A summary of the phone call will appear after I call.

A final response from E-On

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Hi Richard,

We could finally fix this problem. The fix will be available in a future update. Thank you very much for your report.

Best regards.
John Canver

Success! Cant wait for the future update, hopefully not too far away at any rate.

Another Reply from E-On

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Had two more replies from e-on today, regarding the exporter issue.

Posted by: Lee Randall
On: 2009/01/09 10:17:50

Hi Richard,

I’m having problems even importing your object. It comes in pure white with no textures whatso ever. I checked your blog and see what it is supposed to look like. Maybe include the actual texture map.

Please reupload the object. Maybe include the actual texture map.

Best regards.
Lee Randall

Posted by: Richard Potter
On: 2009/01/09 13:00:51


The original object does not have any textures and IS pure white.

the object that I exprorted is the second one. the texture map is included, I have re-included it under the name “TEXTUREMAP.bmp” just for clarity

if you are still having problems this can be recreated with any imported object, which you then export from vue. Or simply texture the object with any two materials and then export it.

I am uploading a .vob file for you with the fully textured object.

I hope this can be sorted quickly.



(ps this form is ridiculous to try and use, when preview is clicked the text keeps dissapearing.)

Posted by: Lee Randall
On: 2009/01/09 13:14:28

Hi Richard,

Ok, I was able to duplicate the problem. I’m forwarding to development.

Best regards.
Lee Randall

Starting to feel a little disgruntled about this, it shouldnt take 4 days to test something that takes 10 minutes tops to recreate. More when I get it.

A Response from E-On

Monday, January 5th, 2009

E-on have responded to my technical request regarding the exporter issue with the following…

Hi Richard,

Could you also attach the .obj file so that we could test it here? Let me know the size and I’ll create an upload area for you.

Best regards.
Lee Randall

To which I have responded..


Thank you for your response, I have attatched below a zip folder with 5 files inside.

Bauble1.mtl and .obj are the original object from hexagon
Babuel1exp.mtl, .obj and .bmp are the exported objects from vue.

Hope this helps,

Thanks again


And attatched said file. More when I get it.

Vue 7 Export Problem

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

Vue 7 Complete appears to have a problem with its Exporter Module.   The module doesnt respond well to generating texture maps for some resason or other, below is a quick example of the export of a very simple object and its resulting texture map that vue generates.

Ok first its modelled, yes I know it looks awful, but its for speed,

Then it is exported using the following settings as an .obj

Then imported into vue 7 complete, the materials are added to the two components, top gets “gold” bottom gets “red metal” looks as follows.

It is then exported as an .obj from vue with the following settings

It is then imported back into the same picture and looks as follows.

The texture map is as follows, 


A service ticket has been sent to E-On with the following message.

Dear E-on,

I am having issues with the object exporter within Vue 7 Complete, in that every time i export an object with textures, the bitmap it creates is completely useless. I have asked around on a few forums, (renderosity, e-on, cornucopia3d) and it has been concluded that this is a bug, as this is a completely repeatable issue on different machines using the exporter module.

I am exporting untextured models from hexagon into vue in the .obj format, then working on them in vue and exporting the completed, textured object again in .obj format (although the same problem aplies in all formats)

Please find attatched two files, one is the bitmap created by exporter, the second is the imported object with the useless bitmap applied.

Thank you for a quick response.

The reply will be posted when I get one.