Rough Guide to the Atmopshere Editor – Part 2 – Sun Tab

This second part of the Rough Guide to the Atmosphere Editor will cover the first tab – “Sun” which is used for the standard, volumetric and spectral model.

The settings are pretty much identical in each of the models so this will be a relatively short episode.

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Rough Guide to the Atmopshere Editor – Part 1 – Model Types

This is a continuation of my Rough Guide series which proved to be very popular for the water editor to Vue 7. This series will focus on the atmosphere editor of Vue 7 Complete in a similar style (If anyone wants to buy me Vue 8, please, feel free :D) I make the assumption that you own vue/have the ple and have a rough knowledge of how it works. Although some of it may seem patronising or obvious, this is not my intention. I just want to write down how it works and what it does.

This series is being completed for the purpose of me learning the atmosphere editor and in the hope that while doing so, others can learn from what I write. At present i feel that one of my weakest parts of using vue is the atmospheres I use.

If you notice any mistakes or omissions please let me know and I will amend them!

The first part of this series will be on the model types that are allowed with vue, although this will probably not be the most scientific of tutorials I aim to show working examples of how the different settings alter the scene.

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Roman Brooch

Here is a model of a Roman Brooch, modelled and textured in Lightwave 9.6


Below is the Node Map for the texture, which was created with help from the book “Lightwave v9 Texturing” by Wordware Game and Graphics Library an all in all excellent book, both to read and to learn from.


Anyone wanting the model should contact me