Cloud Reference Guide – Volumetric Model Cumulus

This edition deals with the Cumulus clouds in the volumetric model, although they are not all designed for this model and do not necessarily look so good, I aim to demonstrate that these clouds can be used in different ways. This is aimed as a quick overview of what the clouds look like to reduce time spent rendering.

Each render is done at 800×600 at broadcast quality – the lighting model used is GI – Render times are presented as a basis of how long it took to render ONLY the sky, bear in mind that more complex scenes will take much longer than this to render.

This section will only focus on the Cumulus Clouds in order to keep the length of the page down.
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Rough Guide to the Atmopshere Editor – Part 6 – Clouds Tab

This part of the guide refers to the clouds tab of the Atmosphere editor. It is also related to three other pages of reference material which show what each of the cloud types looks like when rendered in each of the three models they are available in.

See the Guides page for these reference guides

You will notice that the cloud tab with the spectral mode has a few more options than the standard and volumetric models, as such the spectral model will be covered later in the guide in part 7.

The cloud animation area will be largely ignored for this guide.

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