Roman Stands

New model for sale, This time Roman Stands.

A Roman styled outdoor entertainment stand, to be filled with chairs, tables and the such in order to enjoy a delightful wine while watching sports or just enjoying the atmosphere of the gardens.

Fully UV mapped, with overlapping textures.

Model has 6510 Tri Polys and 3680 Verticies

Available from The 3D studio and TurboSquid in OBJ, PP2 (Poser) and VOB (Vue)

Norrköping 1719

The second of two map reconstructions of the town of Norrköping, this time 80 years later in 1719.

The difference in the town from the previous upload of mine, Norrköping 1640 is really very prominent due to the fact that it had burnt to the ground somewhere imbetween.

This map reconstruction shows the state of Norrköping shortly before it was raised to the ground again by the invading Russian Army.

The town burnt down a number of times afterwards as well, leading to the banning of wooden houses.

Each block represents a settlement area/block. Eventually im hoping to reconstruct the buildings with as much accuracy as possible on these maps, but for now its more as an architectural model than anything.

The weird star thing in the corner is a fort.

Roman Apartment Building 2

A second apartment building now up for sale.

A Roman Apartment Complex, most suited for relatively poor living standards and poorer areas of the towns.

1582 Tri Polygons, 1018 Vertices.

Available for sale from The 3d Studio and Turbosquid

Also available from The 3D studio as a multi pack with $55 discount!

Roman Apartment Building

New Product For Sale from me, Roman Apartment Building

A Roman Apartment Complex, most suited for relatively poor living standards and poorer areas of the towns.

2271 Tri Polygons, 1429 Vertices.

Available in VOB, LWO and OBJ format from The 3d Studio and Turbosquid

Roman Barn

New model for sale, a Roman Barn.

7898 Tri Polys, 3967 Verticies, Model is fully UV mapped.

Available in LWO, OBJ, 3DS and VOB from the 3d studio and Turbosquid

Constantine Arch

New Product Available From me.

The model is fully UV textured, and includes the statues as a seperate object so you can remove them for lower poly use or add them for stills/animation.

Model comes in two parts.

Arch – 3300 Polys or 7080 Triangle Polys dependant on format

Statues – 25344 Polys or 49500 Triangle Polys Dependant on format

Available from the 3D Studio and Turbosquid

Medieval Greater House

New model, this time of a Medieval Greater House

Model has 44084 Triangle Polys and 23001 Verticies, It is fully UV mapped and textures are included on a 3072 x 3072 BMP file.

Available in LWO, OBJ and VOB format from the usual places The 3D studio and Turbosquid


New model, this time a Medieval gatehouse

Contains 6330 Triangle Polygons, 3288 Vertices, UV mapped textures on a 2048×2048 BMP.

Available from The 3D studio and Turbosquid

Blacksmiths Cottage

New model, this time of a blacksmiths cottage in a medieval style.

The model contains 6850 Triangle Polys, 3600 Verticies and uses two UV maps, one 1024×1024 and one 2048×2048. The Storage shed is independent of the main building and can therefore be moved as required.

Available from The 3D studio and Turbosquid.