Animated Shoreline – Tutorial

As requested, here is a short tutorial of how to create an animated shoreline with foam coming in to the shore, and going back out again.

Firstly, I looked at a few videos on youtube to get an idea of how the waves break on a shoreline, and how the foam looks at the different stages of the wave break.

This tutorial uses vue 9 infinite, but most other versions after 7 (when the water editor was introduced) should work just as well.

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David Blaikie Architect Project and Airtime at Scotlands Housing Expo

Recently I have been worked on an animation project for David Blaikie Architect which involved me animating a model they had created in CAD to present its building stages as it was built. This animation was used by the company who ran the animation through a monitor in their house at Scotlands Housing Expo 2010.

David Blaikies House at the Housing Expo

My animation running inside the house

Quite enjoyably the housing expo has recieved a fairly substantial amount of interest from a wide variety of people including the Scottish First Minister and a number of housing organisations.

More information on the Housing Expo

More Information on Davids House

David Blaikie Architects Website

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Roman Coin

Another model, modelled, textured, and rendered in Lightwave 9.6. This time of a Roman coin, not so sure of its authenticity to be honest..

Although this didnt take too long im quite pleased with it.


Also there is an animation of it, which I did just for fun and to get the hang of the animation controls of Lightwave. The animation skips a little towards the end, even though I tried to edit it in Adobe Premiere, not sure why but it shouldnt be too hard to fix.

Animation File (This is a .zip containing a quicktime movie file – its about 5mb)

And for all the sharp eyed readers, yes I know it should have a different image on either side…