I am a 3D CGI artist. Having first trained as an archaeologist at the University of Southampton, I then worked in the field and as an experimental archaeologist. During this time I gained an insight into the workings of the past and how it is represented by media such as the internet, research methods, published papers, archaeological mapping and in museums.

I am proficient with software including Lightwave 9.6, Vue, Poser, Hexagon, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I am most interested in working with archaeology but am also happy to work on other projects both in CGI and Web Design.

I am also more recently working on a number of database and design projects working heavily with Microsoft Access and PHP/mySQL. I am looking to take up more work in the future with these systems. If you are looking for such a database, please contact me to discuss terms.

To learn more about my work view my portfolio or to find out about my availability to take up work contact me.