This is an area where links to all of the Rough Guides I have created will be placed.


UV mapping tutorial


Texturing Tutorial – My Method
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Mixed bump maps
Exporting to Vue from Lightwave


Atmosphere Editor

Part 1 – Atmosphere Models
Part 2 – Sun Tab
Part 3 – Light Tab
Part 4 – Light Tab Continued
Part 5 – Sky Tab – Standard Model
Part 6 – Cloud Tab – Standard and Volumetric

Material and Function Editor

Absolute Basics – The Basic function editor
Part 1 – Discovering the Function Editor
Part 2 – Getting to know the function editor Graph
Part 3 – Color and Alpha Tab

Water Editor

Animated shoreline
Part 1 – Making Waves
Part 2 – Foam and Shores

Reference Guides

Noise Node Reference Guide

Standard Atmosphere Model Clouds – More Coming Soon

Cumulus Clouds

Volumetric Atmosphere Model Clouds -More Coming Soon

Cumulus Clouds


Electronics and Arduino

Rotating Plate for 3D Object Video with an Arduino Board
Servo Control with an Arduino Board

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  1. hi there. i am a vfx artist from pakistan. vue is one of the software that i utilize in my work.. i’d appreciate it if u’d be kind enough to check my gallery at and give your feedback on the RnD and shot optimization i have done in Vue in terms of spectrals, water/terrain, radiosity etc.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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