Free Model – Table

Another free model, this time of a table. Available in OBJ and VOB format.

Same rules as usual, use it however you like, but don’t try and sell it or claim it as your own.

Table-OBJ (970) and Table-VOB (907)

If you feel like it, feel free to tell me/show me how you used it.

This will be included in a scene which I will hopefully be posting later on today so keep your eyes

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Free Model

I’ve decided to give away a free model of a Italian styled archway. It is in VOB and OBJ format.

Please feel free to use this model as you see fit. Just dont be an arse and try and sell it or claim it as your own.

I’d love to know how you used this model, so feel free to show me what you did with it.

Archway - OBJ format (925) and Archway - VOB format (823)

If you are having trouble with the model, try turning down the bump a little bit, and turning down the smoothing level.

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Free Reference Photos – Swedish Woodlands in Spring

Since it was such a fantastic day today weather-wise in Sweden, I took myself out to the forest behind where I live. Part way through my walk I realised that some of the stuff I was seeing I would love to try and recreate in Vue, so I started taking photos on my phone.

Since I’m such a nice guy, I figure I may as well share these photos with people on my site for free!

Download the Zip File with all 36 images - roughly 90mb (548)

Feel free to use them however you like, but don’t be a dick and try and sell them or something.

If you like these and want more of this sort of stuff, please let me know and ill take a better camera next time!

OBJ export solution…

Rather a quick problem solution today which was nice.

A chap from the newtek forums named Kuzey suggested that I tried to cut the front of the house away (and other affected areas) and paste it back into the mesh in lightwave without re-merging the points would stop the error, which was more than likely a smoothing error.

The model was exported as OBJ and now works correctly with Vue.

Thanks very much to kuzey!

Anyone who wants the model of the house can take it free, it is also going to be up on renderosity freestuff later this evening.

It would be nice if anyone was to use it if they would post a link to their image in the comments section.