I have decided that the time has come, and enough potential work has come my way, to start my own business, ArchaeoDesign.

The company will work with 3D reconstructions, animations, web design and database design primarily in the field of archaeology and history but also in other areas as well.

The logo was initially design temporarily, but when showing people my site they all came up with different interpretations of what it was, a kiln, a conical house and the such, so I decided to keep it that way.

To start this off well, I have created a website for my business and managed to get fliers into the delegate packs at last years Theoretical Archaeological Group conference (TAG) in Bristol. There will be news posted here of further events that take place within the business here when they happen.

I am now registered as a business in Sweden and have acquired the name rights for ArchaeoDesign. This is quite a big step for me and hopefully it will pay off.

My latest project is on a drupal based archaeology community portal which will be announced within the coming days here so keep your eyes peeled.