Marvellous Designer

Yesterday, I got my hands on a Marvellous Designer license, courtesy of a very kind philanthropist from the Vue community, Artur Rosa. Today I have spent my time playing with the program and learning the basics of it and discovering how I am going to use it for my work.

The first thing I did, of course, was to follow a tutorial on their website and in so made a dress..

Yes, that is a delightful thatch texture you can see on the dress, what can I say, I’m not really a fashion designer!

The next step was to create a curtain in the program. This was surprisingly intuitive, and after a few trial and error issues (all of which were my fault!) I came up with a decent enough model with a fairly nice texture. I took this to Vue and rendered it.

Then I tried draping a slightly longer curtain to see how it would look..

It was then that I discovered that you can include wind in the program, which of course I tried…

Then I exported the animated file as a mdd, but sadly couldn’t get that to work in Vue (I’m working on it!) so instead took it into lightwave and rendered it out..

While none of this stuff is particularly amazing, I’ll admit, I have to comment on how awesome this program is to use. I must also once again thank my benefactor, Mr Artur Rosa for opening up this new area for me. Thank You! Don’t forget to check out his awesome portfolio by the way!