Medieval Church

New model of a medieval Church has bee posted for sale.

Contains one 2048 x 2048 BMP UV texture map.

15816 Polys, 7920 Verticies

Available in VOB and OBJ from Turbosquid and The 3D Studio

Medieval WatchTower

New Product Created in Lightwave.

This is a 3d Model of a Medieval Styled Watch Tower complete with UV Mapped Textures.

Low poly structure with UV map and usuable interior.

The Vue object is in VOB format.

Available from TurboSquid and The 3D Studio

Also available excuslively from the 3D Studio, is a pack containing all my recent medieval fantasy themed models with a 20% discount, the contents of which are shown below.

Wooden Cart

A wooden handcart to go with the Stonemasons house which was posted yesterday.

Available for sale on Turbosquid and the 3D studio for $20

Stonemason’s House

New model today, Fantasy Stonemasons house.

Available from Turbosquid and The 3D studio Priced $20


Another new product for Turbosquid, as part of a forthcoming street furniture pack which I am working on.

Price is $10, the forthcoming pack will offer a discount.