IFW2 Nodes – Medieval Shack 2 WIP

I have just added the IFW2 shaders/nodes and textures pack to my Lightwave arsenal, and I am very impressed.

I have also begun working on a followup to the medieval shack that I compelted previously, this time it is more of a townhouse, and a much older design.

Still not completely happy with the main wall texture, and still have to complete such niceties as windows and doors, should also be adding a chimney sometime soon.

All modelling/texturing/rendering work in Lightwave 9.6

Medieval House

Medieval Shack Modelled in Lightwave 9.6.

Still need to work on the tiling and the wood at the front of the house, also need to fill the space at the back with a door…

At the moment, the tiles are a little bit too high poly leading to a rather ridiculous poly count. Might try some different styles of tiling tommorrow.

David Blaikie Architect Project and Airtime at Scotlands Housing Expo

Recently I have been worked on an animation project for David Blaikie Architect which involved me animating a model they had created in CAD to present its building stages as it was built. This animation was used by the company who ran the animation through a monitor in their house at Scotlands Housing Expo 2010.

David Blaikies House at the Housing Expo

My animation running inside the house

Quite enjoyably the housing expo has recieved a fairly substantial amount of interest from a wide variety of people including the Scottish First Minister and a number of housing organisations.

More information on the Housing Expo

More Information on Davids House

David Blaikie Architects Website

Follow David Blaikie Architects on Facebook

Candelabra and a new scene.

Currently working on a Medieval scene as a break from coding up a database website, so far only got to the part where I am creating objects.

The room is based on a photograph I found on the web, and will be largely focused on texturing, but also on getting a few nice light effects and the such in there too.

Although currently working in Lightwave 9.6, I remain undeided as to wether I will complete picture in this program or migrate it to Vue 7.