Cloud Reference Guide – Standard Model Cumulus

This is the first of the reference guides to the Clouds of Vue 7. This edition deals with the Cumulus clouds in the standard model, although they are not all designed for this model and do not necessarily look so good, I aim to demonstrate that these clouds can be used in different ways. This is aimed as a quick overview of what the clouds look like to reduce time spent rendering.

This section will only focus on the Cumulus Clouds in order to keep the length of the page down.



Stretched Cumulus

Gray Cumulus

Fuzzy Cumulus

Puffy Cumulus

Puffy Cumulus #2

Puffy Cumulus #3

Wispy Cumulus

Varying Cumulus

Varying Cumulus #2

Stretched Cumulus

Twisted Cumulus

Twisted Cumulus #2

Cumulus Layers

Dense Cumulus layers

Sparse Cumulus Layers

Elaborate Cumulus

Aggregated Cumulus

Heavy Cumulus

Sparse Cumulus

Thick Cumulus #1

Thick Cumulus #2

Wispy Yellow Cumulus

Pink Cumulus

Check out the other Cloud types (Coming Soon…)

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