New Freebie.

Another new freebie up at renderosity.


Feel free to use this for whatever you like, but please post a link in the comments section to any images you create with them.

3 thoughts on “New Freebie.”

  1. Hum? .. the shape seems good, but, the colour of those pots recall me more, the colour of sandstone clay, which is used in the low European middle age. Roman period, they use iron oxide for colouring the pots … but the rust is a blood red colour.

  2. More likely a low iron clay fired in a reducing atmosphere, which was used from prehistory to the present day. Dating by colour is not possible, there are too many variables that exist in clay sources and firing conditions. For an example may I refer you to the roman black burnished wear of southern Britain. I assume you are talking about samian ware which draws its red colour from an iron rich slip, usually derived from the same clay source as the body fabric.

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