Farmhouse Reworking

I have reworked some parts of my farmhouse image that I was unhappy with, with the results below. I am almost happy with the results now, but I am tempted to redo some of the farmhouse itself and make it look more derelict.


Comments and improvements welcomed!

3 thoughts on “Farmhouse Reworking”

  1. The windows are just too black and could use some reflective quality. I think something very subtle would work. This along with some improved roof texture and I think you would have a winner. Beautiful piece.

  2. Libby is right, the windows could do with some reflective quality, but the reflection of the farmhouse, clouds etc in water is fantastic, a lot of fluidity demonstrated there! nice piece definately.

  3. Is the farm house a metaphor for your soul? The lack of ‘reflective quality’ in the windows probably just represents you lack of internal warmth, but the shadowy reflection in the river represents your desire to obtain such warmth. The black spot noted in the tree is most like likely a subtle, subconscious attempt to subvert your own creativity. Open that door and light a candle Mr. Potter, you will feel better for it.

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