OBJ export solution…

Rather a quick problem solution today which was nice.

A chap from the newtek forums named Kuzey suggested that I tried to cut the front of the house away (and other affected areas) and paste it back into the mesh in lightwave without re-merging the points would stop the error, which was more than likely a smoothing error.

The model was exported as OBJ and now works correctly with Vue.

Thanks very much to kuzey!

Anyone who wants the model of the house can take it free, it is also going to be up on renderosity freestuff later this evening.

It would be nice if anyone was to use it if they would post a link to their image in the comments section.

OBJ export issue with Lightwave – mesh distortion.

I’m having some issues getting obj and lwo files exported from LW to open again, even in lightwave.

I am creating the objects in Lightwave 9.6 and exporting them as .obj files, these files open successfully in poser and in hexagon

However when I re-open the object in lightwave I get the following.

and in Vue

Ive tried to work around this by exporting it from hexagon as an OBJ but when I try and open them in vue I get the following error message.

In Lightwave the deformations are gone and the model is ok.

I have tried this on my desktop computer and my laptop with the same results both time (trying to see if it was a driver issue/bad install etc etc)

I also have tried this with a LWO file directly from lightwave, the results where different as in it loads into vue, but the uv file is completely wrecked/not read properly.   Initially I thought this was due to it being tripled when it was brought into vue, so I tripled my model in Lightwave and redid the uv maps/colour maps etc but the issue still remains, the image in the link below shows the difference between the two models.

Here is the mesh and a reduced size uv map.

Anyone have any ideas whats going wrong?

(Also posted at newtek forums and renderosity)