Servo Control with an Arduino Board

Bit of a change of pace from the normal graphic design stuff, but i’ve been working with electronics for a couple of months now and am currently working on an MSc project using servo motors to move nails in a pin board. This requires a servo motor to be controlled in 4 directions (I will be using 2 motors) to control a plate which moves pins in a certain direction..

ANYWAY, the point of posting this is that I was unable to find an adequate or complete solution on the web so thought I would provide mine including circuit diagrams.

Things you will need…

Below is a list of the cheap parts that I am using to do this project.

  • prototyping board
  • wire in three colours
  • 2x push buttons – im using ones with four legs
  • 2x 220ohm resistors
  • Arduino duemilanove board
  • usb cable
  • standard Servo Motor


this is constructed as follows
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