Renderosity Gallery

Ive just discovered that I can now offer a link to my renderosity gallery for people who dont want to register at Renderosity.

My Gallery

There will be a permanant link in the sidebar to my gallery.

Please feel free to register and drop comments/ratings for any of the pictures.

The Greek House – Another Update

The Greek house is basically finished now, a few minor tweaks here and there, but its looking pretty good, I have also decided to coin the term Archaeolitecture, so as of the 23/06/2009 at 22:01 this is offically my word.


The tiles are all individual objects, the windows can be opened and the gates and doors etc can also be opened, moved. Im hoping tommorrow to get into the house and start adding some extra details and getting some nice renders.


Im also hoping to get this into vue or getting some vue things into lightwave, but not really sure how to do this. When I find out I think ill write a tutorial on it since there doesnt seem to be much documentation on this subject.


Any comments or suggestions about the model are more than welcomed.

Athenian House – Update

Some more work has taken place on the Athenian house. The plaster texture has been altered slightly to make it a little warmer coloured, the wood has been changed, windows have been added and the stone texture has been lightened slightly.


The colour looks a little odd due to the colour of the roof overpowering the frame.

Still lots more work to be done.